5 Jun 2023 ~ 2 min read

Side Projects

I have loads of side projects, and I haven’t finished any of them. But, I know for sure that each project has helped me in some way or other, even if I didn’t manage to complete them or finish my initial roadmaps.

I try to use a new technology in each project, even if I only touch the surface of the many possibilities using that technology. For example for this portfolio I’ve used Astro, something I was entirely new to before starting.

Even with that advantage, it can be still challenging for me to stay focused and allocate sufficient time and energy to each project. Sometimes I just give up half way through some of them.

Side projects often involve experimenting with new technologies or techniques. While this can be a great learning experience, as I’ve mentioned before, it also leads to encountering complex technical challenges that may require more time and effort to overcome. Sometimes I even give up based on these challenges…

What I’ve learned

Managing side projects requires a delicate balance. While they offer valuable learning experiences and prevent boredom, they also demand focus, prioritization, and perseverance. Moving forward, I aim to approach my side projects with a more disciplined mindset, carefully selecting and committing to a manageable number of projects. By doing so, I hope to increase my chances of completing them and reaping the full benefits of my efforts.

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Hi, I'm Ruairí. I'm a software engineer and UX designer based in Dublin, Ireland. You see some of my work on GitHub.