27 Feb 2023 ~ 1 min read


This post refers to the 3rd iteration of this site. The most up-to-date post is available here.

I’ve gone through many iterations of my blog and main website over the years, and the end result of all those changes has been consistent throughout: they’ve gotten simpler and simpler. I just love simplicity, and most of my personal websites reflect that.

The idiom really puts it well: the less said, the better. I don’t like bulky layouts full of useless data or flamboyant animations. Sure, it’s nice to show off, but I believe the information should be clear at first glance.

Blog redesign

Every now and then I get an urge to redesign my website(s). Sometimes it’s a new design fad, sometimes I feel like the website is outdated.

This time it’s based heavily off of Paco Coursey’s website. I felt like the previous iteration was just way too crowded. This time, it’s beautiful, it gets the point across and it’s simple. It’s one of those site layouts that I really have a soft spot for. It reminds me of Notion a bit.

Headshot of Maxi Ferreira

Hi, I'm Ruairí. I'm a software engineer and UX designer based in Dublin, Ireland. You see some of my work on GitHub.